Footy is no longer just for the blokes, and Chemwatch is proud to support and sponsor the very first women’s team at Ormond Amateur Football Club.


Chemwatch staff have previously been involved with the 85 year old club, but now women are stepping up to the pitch to play AFL.


The team’s very first game is an invite-only by Hampton Rovers FC and the Victorian Amateur Football Association to play in the first official VAFA women’s football match on April 7, the night before the men’s and women’s football seasons kick-off.


Club President, Richard Simon, said ‘It is an honour for the Club to be involved in this historic match for the VAFA, which is celebrating 125 years of amateur football’.
“It is also fantastic reward and an honour for the girls and their coaches, and the other people instrumental in establishing Ormond’s women’s team, including Chemwatch,” he said.



“I’ve always followed AFL, but until now it’s only ever been a dream to run out as a footballer and to play a REAL game of football”, says 25 year old Parkdale woman, Meaghan Medcraft.


She was one of the first of the 35 women 16 years and over to sign up with Ormond, and was at the team’s first training session on 16 January.


The women’s team will join Ormond’s other four men’s teams, and Mr Simon said the boys have not only embraced the new players but are going out of their way to assist and welcome the girls.


“For the past two weeks, 10 of our senior players have joined in training, supporting, encouraging, and assisting the girls to learn the skills of the game and to give them tips on where to run and how to best position themselves,” he said.


“There is no doubt that the integration of the players of both genders will be seamless.”


Chemwatch is a foundation sponsor of the inaugural Ormond Women’s team, and Mr Simon said he was ‘delighted that Chemwatch has jumped on board for this exciting journey for the Ormond football club’.


“Chemwatch’s support meant we could immediately purchase training shirts for the girls and buy 20 new footballs for training,” he said.


“But more importantly, Chemwatch is directly contributing to 35 girls and women fulfilling their dreams of becoming footballers. I can’t wait to hear the girls sing the Monders’ club song after their first victory!”


We wish them the very best, and hope they come home with the gong at the end of the season!