Chemwatch is proud to acknowledge the efforts of our staff, particularly those who have been with us for many years.




I have been employed at Chemwatch for over 19 years. I was initially hired as a Chemist writing SDS, but after about a year I moved to the Registration team and headed up the department redesigning the registration process (which has since been redesigned several times).  During this time, I did my Honours in Analytical Chemistry part time. After the completion of my Honours degree I took a break from Chemwatch and went on a backpacking holiday.

On my return I started the Galleria Chemica project. I worked solely in Galleria for close to the next decade before taking on my current role of Chief Regulatory Officer.  My current role still oversees the Galleria project, as well as all of the compliance issues regarding SDS, risk assessment and Chemicals management in general. I am also an integral part of the Research and Development team, working on new developments and designs.

My favorite things about Chemwatch are the relaxed community feel that we have here between staff, especially the fact that everyone is approachable– from the Bernie the boss right down to his 2 dogs Boogie and Feck!

The willingness of Chemwatch to adopt new technologies has always been something that has kept me interested in the work here.  Chemwatch is very dynamic in the way we do things. No process is too precious to be reviewed and there is little hesitation to at least trial new technologies. I also love the fact that I work with many people from many different countries and backgrounds. The cultural diversity at Chemwatch is one of its greatest strengths and certainly my favourite facet!



I began working at Chemwatch in 2004, so have been employed her for 13 years now. I was first working as a chemist writing SDS and research articles in the company’s Melbourne office. Two years later, I moved into the Sales department part-time, and then became the Sales Manager.

I was later made Global Sales Director, and in 2011 I moved to London to start-up and oversee Chemwatch’s main UK/Europe office. In 2015, I moved to Istanbul to grow and manage sales in Turkey and the Middle East region.

My favourite things about Chemwatch are the awesome working environment and awesome boss! I also really like the fact that Chemwatch offers lots of flexibility and plenty of opportunity to grow globally.