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Dear Subscriber,


The new version of Chemwatch Report Generator will contain the new VGD data points extracted from vendor documents. Users will have the option to choose the source of data to be used in the reports. To understand these changes and how they may impact you, please review this notification in detail.


The New Report Generator is expected to deliver 30 separate data points for GOLD and VGD data, offering over a tenfold improvement in performance.


Traditional data will still be available by using the GOLD data points and vendor data under the VGD data points.



Traditionally, the source of every data-point was selected by the program based on the user’s settings.  The new setup gives those users who had access to both data sets the ability to select for themselves which they would prefer to use.  This gives users more control over the data queried whilst improving performance and making the report more user friendly.  


This change is a part of our ongoing commitment to improving the speed and usability of the Report Generator.

User Interface Changes

The User Interface changes are minor and only impact the Report Generator Tree (hidden from most End-Users, and traditionally only available to certain Super Users).


Changes to Basic Mode

Basic mode will still show the same user interface but will have a separate report for GOLD and VGD data, giving the user reporting options dependent on the source of data. Chemwatch review data will be available under GOLD data points and vendor data under VGD data points.




Changes to Advanced Mode


The user will have the option to create different reports using VGD or GOLD data points in Report Generator depending on the following domain data settings:


  • Data Points

The following Data-Points have been adjusted and will be active and available for both existing and new reports. Please note that GOLD or VGD data-points were renamed for better recognition and usability. The new name, where applicable, has been specified below:


 Old Data Points NameGold Data PointsVGD Data Points
1IngredientsIngredients GOLDIngredients VGD
2Ingredient ProportionIngredient Proportion GOLDIngredient Proportion VGD
3AppearanceAppearance GOLDAppearance VGD
4CAS NumberCAS Number GOLDCAS Number VGD
6Auto Ignition TemperatureAuto Ignition Temperature GOLDAuto Ignition Temperature VGD
7Boiling PointBoiling Point GOLDBoiling Point VGD
8Decomposition TemperatureDecomposition Temperature GOLDDecomposition Temperature VGD
9Evaporation RateEvaporation Rate GOLDEvaporation Rate VGD
10Flash RangeFlash Range GOLDFlash Range VGD
12Melting RangeMelting Range GOLDMelting Range VGD
13Molecular WeightMolecular Weight GOLDMolecular Weight VGD
14pH as 1% SolutionpH as 1% Solution GOLDpH as 1% Solution VGD
15pH as SuppliedpH as Supplied GOLDpH as Supplied VGD
16Relative Vapour DensityRelative Vapour Density GOLDRelative Vapour Density VGD
17Specific GravitySpecific Gravity GOLDSpecific Gravity VGD
19Vapour PressureVapour Pressure GOLDVapour Pressure VGD
20ViscosityViscosity GOLDViscosity VGD
21Volatile ComponentVolatile Component GOLDVolatile Component VGD
22Water SolubilityWater Solubility GOLDWater Solubility VGD
23SUSMP Poison ScheduleSUSMP Poison Schedule GOLDSUSMP Poison Schedule VGD
24DG First Sub RiskDG First Sub Risk GOLDDG First Sub Risk VGD
25DG Primary ClassDG Primary Class GOLDDG Primary Class VGD
26DG Second Sub RiskDG Second Sub Risk GOLDDG Second Sub Risk VGD
27HazchemHazchem GOLDHazchem VGD
28Packing GroupPacking Group GOLDPacking Group VGD
29ERG NumberERG Number GOLDERG Number VGD
30Shipping Name – Technical Name GOLDShipping Name – Technical Name GOLDShipping Name – Technical Name VGD



  • Domains setup as a Force GOLD data will have access to gold data points




  • Domains setup as a Force VGD data will have access to VGD data points




  • Domains setup as a Prefer VGD or GOLD data will have access to both sets of data points


  • Data points that are not part of this list will work the same as before.
  • Advanced report was also updated depending on data settings. For example, all advanced reports in a Force GOLD domain that contain any of the old data points were replaced with what are now classed as GOLD data points. For domains with Prefer GOLD or Prefer VGD we have created a separate reports for each type of data (GOLD or VGD).



WebService API Clients

This change affects Report Generator only and has no impact on the Chemwatch Web Service API users.


Does this release impact you?

If you have any concerns or feel these changes will impact you negatively, please contact or, your account manager directly.