Create compliant Chemical Labels in 47 languages

Customisable Chemical Product Labels For Global Compliance

Unlimited labeling possibilities

  • Design your own label templates with up to 420 data points
  • Use Chemwatch phrase library – chemical phrases available in 47 languages.
  • Enjoy automatic content prioritization and updates – statements ordered by importance; all content reflects latest regulation and classification
  • Rely on a live regulatory data feed – Galleria Chemica ‘feeds’ data to D-Gen, 24/7, ensuring Compliance.
  • Start straight away -20 common label templates supported by Avery, Sato and other off-the-shelf stationery are included.
  • Customise – make labels your own with custom layout, images and logos, batch numbers, use-by dates, free text, and more.
  • Generate Bar codes – all major Bar code Standards are supported, including 2-D Bar codes (QR-codes, Data matrix)


Chemical Regulation automatically “feeds” your labels.

Where do your labeling requirements fit?

From laboratory R&D to Distribution and Retail
  • D-Gen fully integrates with Chemwatch Classification Tools
  • Generate a mixture in less than 2 minutes, label in less than 30 seconds
  • Immediately achieve global compliance in 47 Languages
  • Create any design you wish – simply by drag & drop elements on screen
  • Introduce your own images, backgrounds, borders, designs
  • Save unlimited templates and manage them easily
  • Use unlimited custom data-points
  • Integrate your ERP data into D-Gen
  • Include Chemwatch ER Line (150 Languages, 24/7) on your labels (extra cost)

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