Smart Suite


Chemicals Management has gone mobile!

Access your Inventory, Documents and perform Risk Assessments in 47 languages from anywhere.

Chemicals Management when and where you need it!

Chemwatch SmartSUITE provides Chemicals Management tools on location.
It allows Chemwatch users to access extensive Chemical Health and Safety information as well as perform Control Banding Risk Assessments and generate reports, immediately.

SmartSUITE allows you to access:

  • Vendor (M)SDS Library exceeding 21 million documents
  • Chemwatch Gold MSDS (SmartSDS) – in 47 Languages
  • Chemwatch Hazard Assessments – MINI MSDS (SmartINI) – in 47 Languages
  • Chemical Emergency Response Guide (SmartER)
  • Chemical Risk Assessment module (SmartCOBRA)
  • Access to generated Risk Assessment Reports

With SmartSUITE, you may also:

  • Share documents using your e-mail account
  • Sync chemical inventory to and from the Cloud (your Chemwatch account)
  • Geo tag the location(s) of interest for easier Chemical tracking.

Track your chemicals

Geo-tag your chemical locations, set Geo-alerts and browse your chemical manifest on a map.





SmartSDS – Gold (M)SDS

  • Available in 47 Languages
  • Fully GHS compliant (Worldwide)
  • Fully REACh compliant (EU)
  • Available also in local formats such as Australian, American, Canadian, etc.






SmartCOBRA – Risk Assessments in Under 30 Seconds

Tell the system how you are using your chemical with the rolling barrels

Simply Set:

  • Temperature
  • Volatility
  • Scale
  • Frequency of use
  • Task name


Full Risk Report – Generated on-the-fly

Report includes:

  • Risk band
  • Full hazard classification
  • Substance and its ingredients
  • Task performed
  • Operating conditions
  • Location
  • Health hazards
  • PPE requirements
  • Chemical usage data



SmartINI – Mini (M)SDS

The One-Page Hazard Assessment

  • Available for more than 260,000 chemicals
  • Colour-coded hazard levels
  • Available in over 47 languages


  • Detailed hazard assessment
  • Fire fighting information
  • First aid and doctor’s advice
  • Safe storage guidelines






SmartER – Emergency Report

Access Emergency Response details for each chemical on-site
Share data, instantly, with local Emergency Response Authorities – email or MMS
Connect with Chemwatch ER Service 24/7 for additional assistance


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