Addressing the needs of 5,000 Organisations globally!

From simple mobile access to (M)SDS, Hazard and Risk Assessments to global Enterprise regulatory integration systems, Chemwatch evolves with its 5,000 Clients.

Chemicals Management System v2

(M)SDS Management

With a database of more than 20 Million Vendor (M)SDS and powerful tools to manage (M)SDS and their updates, Chemwatch is the trusted (M)SDS Management provider to more than 5,000 organisations, globally.
MSDS Distribution v2

(M)SDS Distribution

Chemwatch provides solutions tailored to the requirements of Chemical manufacturers and suppliers. We provide software tools, infrastructure and service to support (M)SDS distribution requirements in more than 80 countries and in more than 47 languages.
MSDS Authoring v2

Classification and (M)SDS Authoring

Chemwatch Authoring Software and Service is supported by over 100,000 Expert Rules created over many years by our technical teams of graduate and post-graduate scientists. All regulated formats supported (GHS, REACh, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) in almost 50 languages. Over 30,000-strong phrase library (per language) comes with the System. Expert translations for each phrase is performed by native speakers specialising in OHS.
Health and safety v2

Health, Safety and Environment

Our services, products and solutions are a manifestation of combined efforts, knowledge and research undertaken by  professional staff of almost 300 include Chemists, Toxicologists, Hygienists,  Regulatory experts and physicians. Each contribute their expertise to each module, calculation and report produced by our systems.

Mobile and Tablet Solutions

Chemwatch recognises the fact that most, if not all, activity relating to chemicals does not happen in an office. (M)SDS, Inventory Management and Tracking, Hazard and Risk Assessments (and much more) is available on Smartphone and Tablet devices running Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

Emergency management v2

Emergency Management

Fire, Spills, First Aid, Medical and Worker or domestic exposure advice is available for each chemical (substance or mixture). Reports are comprehensive (they may contain several pages of information each).
Emergency Response Service Hot Line 24/7 provides responses in over 150 languages and is supported by trained individuals specialising in Fire/ Spills/ Medical and Regulatory disciplines

Regulatory Compliance v2

Regulatory Compliance

Chemwatch creates and maintains, arguably, the World’s largest database of Substance Regulation (700,000 substances, 7000 families, 4000+ granulated Lists, over 80 countries). All data is available in the Cloud and may be delivered to ERP systems, Reports and other Regulatory instruments using a simple Web Service API. Data is updated daily. Over 12 GB of data is currently available, making it at least 4 times bigger than our nearest competitor.

GHS Worldwide Solutions

Chemwatch ensures that Purple Book requirements (several revisions) are supported in its entirety. (M)SDS formats, including building block requirements for each region/country are  also supported.
Substance and mixture Classification Rules generate content automatically with “on-board engine”. Country and region differences, for any substance, are reflected in all reports.

ERP Integration

Chemwatch data access web service provides the framework to integrate existing ERP and other Enterprise level solutions with Chemwatch chemical data and documents. In addition it provides powerful search API that can be used from within external systems.
Data for more than 700,000 Substances organised in 7,000 chemical families, for 80 countries, appearing on 4,000 + Regulatory Lists is available for Integration.

Chemicals Approvals v2

Chemical Aprovals

Prior to purchasing any chemical, our on-line Approvals tool checks each ingredient against over 300 Lists of Concern, produces a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Full Tox and Ecotox Reports, Engineering and PPE Controls Report as well as Registered Uses (under ECHA). It also allows you to produce a Risk Assessment using in-built Control Banding models. Any two (or more) persons will always get the same result irrespective of their level of skill.

Inventory Solutions v2

Inventory Management

We have “married” assets and chemicals management – for your benefit. Chemicals storage and tracking is supported by Multi-Node “tree” solutions.
Chemicals may be drag-and-dropped from our main database of 20 million materials to any Node. Volumes may be recorded and required placarding is generated, automatically, for any country/region.Each chemical is further linked to it DG and Hazard Class and much more.

Supply Chain Solutions

Dangerous Goods may be added to any consignment, packed, consolidated, and transported to clients. Ensure full compliance with Packaging and Transport requirements – alerts available when chemicals are “illegally”  packed in combination packages, consolidated loads or onto trucks, ships or aircraft.

These Solutions are complimented by powerful Features:

  • 100% Cloud based

  • User Interface in 47 Languages

  • Documents in 47 Languages

  • Regulatory Support for 80 Countries

  • Local support in 17 Countries

  • Global Emergency Response

  • State-of-the-art Security

  • SingleSignOn Support

  • SCORM eLearning

  • Accredited Training Support

  • Support: telephone and on-line

  • (M)SDS Acquisition and Updating

  • Global Dangerous Goods Support

  • Custom Development Services

  • Expert Chemical Review

  • Regulatory Consulting

  • Risk Assessment: Health

  • Risk Assessment: Physical

  • Risk Assessment: Environmental

  • Advanced Query Builder

  • Form Builder

  • 3D Molecular Modelling

  • Chemical (Sub)Structure Searching

  •  Reporting Tools