Chemical Approvals

approvals logoPrior to the use or purchase of any chemical, modern Chemical Management Requirements, demand Approvals be issued by stakeholders.

The Chemwatch solution is unique.

Users may extract key data from a Vendor SDS and within seconds the Approval process is launched.

The process includes review of all Ingredients, in a mixture, to determine whether they:

  •  are found in any of 300  Lists of Concerns (Banned Substances:  Carcinogen, Mutagen, Reprotoxin –  CMR Lists)
  •  are NOT found in National Inventories (and therefore in the country without sanction)
  •  are registered for Use in the REACh Supply chain ,  require Authorisation or have
  • “Uses Advised Against”
  •  require Health Surveillance

The process also generates several key documents to assist stakeholders in the assessment. These include production of:

  •  a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  •  full Animal Toxicity Report
  •  full Environmental Fate and Ecotoxicity Report
  •  PPE Report
  •  One page summaries of the key data found on the (M)SDS (can be customised to meet individual needs)
  •  a Risk Assessment and Mitigation Report

These Reports are all available within seconds and can be distributed to named personnel using an on-board Workflow tool.


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