Free Webinar on May 17!

/Free Webinar on May 17!

Need to make better decisions when approving chemicals for your organization? Need a Chemical Approvals system with integrated Chemical Risk Assessment?

Then join our FREE webinar to learn more!

The webinar, Integrating Chemical Risk Assessment into an Approvals Workflow – How Chemwatch can help, will be presented by our US team on May 17, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT.

By using Approvals and Risk Assessment solutions in tandem, Chemwatch users identify potential risk effects on workers in a proactive manner. This ensures that the risk of using hazardous chemicals in the workplace is both minimized and managed effectively using engineering controls.


The webinar covers:

Approvals Workflow framework using simple and scalable building blocks
Automatic workflow decision tree paths
Simple workflow path for non-hazardous chemicals
Integrated workflow path for hazardous chemicals
Create uniform COSHH-compliant Risk Assessments in under 2 minutes
Using Chemical Risk Assessment in an Approvals Workflow to minimize potential worker risks
Alignment of the Chemical Approvals Workflow to Organizational HSE Processes & Procedures

We’ve got a limited number of places still available for our webinar, so register now here.