Stay in control of your chemicals management projects with Chemwatcher

/Stay in control of your chemicals management projects with Chemwatcher

Need to find SDS, or create a chemical register? Chemwatch can do this for you, and now you have the ability to track and report on these projects in REAL TIME!


Chemwatcher is a new module available with your Chemwatch chemical and SDS management system, allowing you to log in and see every project request you’ve made and its current status.


Each request is given a Project Tracking Number (PTN), and you can now search by PTN, see all the details pertaining to this PTN and also download reports.


Requests are also broken down into specific types, including categories covering Chemwatch Gold SDS, Vendor SDS acquisitions, and data extractions.


Reports available for download through the Chemwatcher module show the entire history of a project request, and are available in formats suitable for Excel.


While offering a number of great new features, please note the new Chemwatcher module will not change the current SDS registration process, and you’ll still receive update reports via email.


If you’re a current Chemwatch client, please contact your customer service account manager for more information about Chemwatcher and assistance on setting the required user privileges to view this module.