A New System Of Approvals

/A New System Of Approvals

• Chemicals purchases often need be approved of Company Management prior to delivery on-site • Chemwatch may be used in the Approval Process • An online data-entry form is included in all our (M)SDS applications (Backpack, ChemFFx, ChemGold III) • Simply fill in the form, submit the (M)SDS, or ask us to acquire it, and we will provide our response within 24 hours of receipt of the (M)SDS • This service is absolutely FREE to Subscribers • Our Professional Staff of chemists and OHS practitioners provides the assessment; in some instances they may suggest an alternate product where Health, Safety and Environmental issues arise • Copy your requests to Company Management, Chemwatch or both in a single operation • Return acknowledgment of your request is sent and a record of the request and its response(s) is stored on our Secure Servers • Your legal obligations may be assisted by use of this service • Simply enter your Chemwatch application and look for the circled icon in the tool bar For further information contact: info@chemwatch.net