Managing your Outgoing (M)SDS

Your responsibilities as a chemicals’ Vendor includes the provision of (M)SDS to clients Outback now provides an automated means of delivering new and up-dated (M)SDS Chemwatch has developed this client tool as an extension of the popular “BackPack” suite of products How it works: • Outback targets only those clients who are entitled to the particular (M)SDS • Daily, weekly or monthly email delivery of the (M)SDS can be initiated as a “scheduled task” • All the (M)SDS needs of an individual client are identified by you in client Folders. • Outback records whether (M)SDS have been previously sent to the client (whether the client is new or requires a copy of the update) • Each client Folder is examined nightly to determine whether email should be delivered to your client(s) • The inbuilt Scheduled Task Manager then emails these or saves them to the desktop for DVD / CD delivery • A return confirmation of delivery and acceptance keeps a permanent record recording that your obligations have been met • A single client Folder identifies one or many recipients • Email is distributed from our secure Servers located in secure data centres; data centres are maintained 24 / 7 by qualifies staff Your client names and addresses are encrypted so only you know their identity For further information contact: info@chemwatch.net