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/Vendor Status Reports

Once you have supplied Chemwatch with your Chemical Materials Lists(s), we keep you informed of progress on sourcing your Vendor (supplier) MSDS via Vendor MSDS Status Reports These reports are: • Sent out to you quarterly, normally by email, otherwise by fax • Available at any time on-line via Chemwatcher, our web-based Project Tracking Program o For more information on Chemwatcher, please see the Chemwatcher Briefing Note, or email In some cases we will need your assistance before we can obtain the correct MSDS for you to meet your legal obligations. These cases are listed in the first 4 sections of the Vendor MSDS Status Report: • Section One lists MSDS for which we have in sufficient supplier information • Section Two lists MSDS for which we need more product information, for example o A part or catalogue number o A more detailed product name – products can have very similar names, so please give us the complete name wherever possible so we can ensure that the correct MSDS is supplied • Section Three lists MSDS which the Vendor will only supply directly to you, their client, not to third parties such as Chemwatch o You will need to contact the Vendor directly and request these MSDS o So you don’t have to spend time looking up Vendor contact details, the list includes their email address or fax number o Also to save you time, a standard MSDS request letter is available in Chemwatcher. This automatically includes the appropriate product names and can quickly be emailed to the Vendor o Once you have received an MSDS, please forward to it us ?? Preferably by email to ?? Or by fax to 03 9573 3130 • Section 4 lists MSDS which the Vendor has given other reasons for not supplying. Such reasons may include: o The product has been discontinued and the Vendor is no longer issuing updated MSDS o The Vendor does not supply the product o The Vendor states that the product does not require an MSDS (for example if the product is neither Hazardous nor a Dangerous Good) o Where the reason given is “not available after discussion with Vendor”, more information on the Vendor’s responses can be accessed via Chemwatcher Please note that in all of these cases, we can make no further progress on sourcing these MSDS without your input; the sooner we hear back from you, the sooner all the MSDS you require will be available Using Chemwatcher you can • sort Sections 1 to 4 by reason code • print them out • export them to Excel Another way you can help expedite sourcing your MSDS is providing us with a Letter of Authority, if you have not already done so. Some Vendors will not provide MSDS to us without one. A standard format Letter of Authority is also available in Chemwatcher which you can either use as is, or modify as you choose • The final section of the Vendor MSDS Status Reports lists all the Vendor MSDS which we have received o These will now all be available in your Backpack