Venhanced MSDS and Verging

/Venhanced MSDS and Verging

Basic Venhancement • Vendor MSDS are distributed in many different layouts • Readers may, as a result, have difficulty in finding information in documents purported to have a standard format • Convert Vendor MSDS, “on the fly”, to pre-defined templates (yours or ours) • Takes only seconds • Maintain the original Vendor MSDS at all times, for comparison or inspection, as required by Regulations Advanced Venhancement • Choose the MSDS of interest and distribute them into Folders created by you • Venhanced MSDS may be further venhanced by addition of: o Regulatory data from more than 70 countries o Transport data from more than 30 Codes o Animal and eco-toxicity o OEL and BEL standards from around the world o Classification data specific to the country, region or system (e.g. GHS, EU, Australian, New Zealand) • All data is drawn from Galleria Chemica, a database created and maintained by Chemwatch – more than 1700 Lists, 4 million chemicals • Vendor MSDS can be transformed to reflect the requirements of any country or region • All transformations are user-defined and may affect any section of the MSDS according to company requirements Annotation and Authorisation Further Venhance the MSDS by use of standard or customized Web forms to add additional local User information e.g. authorizations for, or restrictions on, use, site location, report requirements Add new searching functionality – key terms such as employee names, PPE requirements etc may be added The CAS Number Verification Service The details of Chemical Composition can often be obscured in a Vendor’s MSDS • Proprietary On-line search tools (Venhance) assign and verify CAS Numbers in the Venhanced MSDS CAS Number identity combined with substance concentration assist in: • The classification of the product (GHS, EU, Australian, NZ etc) • Linkage to Galleria Chemica to identify the status of substances in various countries and regions (carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxicants etc)    Merging data from two MSDS may lead to the production of venhanced standard operating procedures (SOPs). Such procedures may affect: • Engineering Controls • Handling of Spills • Fire and Emergency Response • Public Health (Environmental) Controls • Handling • Risk Mitigation The addition of new Health and safety icons throughout the Venhanced MSDS may also assist in comprehension where language difficulties exist Additional Colour Coding allows the worker at a glance to determine the degree of hazard associated with the material