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Integrate the world’s largest database of Chemical data with your system!

Want access to Chemwatch information, all while using your current ERP system? Welcome to Chemwatch Web Services. You can establish a live channel of communication between your system and the Chemwatch database. Alternatively, you can schedule regular data imports from the Chemwatch database. Datapoints can be individually selected and imported manually, or automatically through our API integrated within your system. Chemwatch’s databases are constantly updated. These databases include The Collection—A repository of over 14 million (M)SDS, and Galleria Chemica—a regulatory database of over 700,000 substances and 7000 chemical families from 4100+local and international lists. Over 6000 Data points per chemical are available, and include: • Classification Codes (UN, IATA, IMDG, RID/ADR/DOT, ADG7, etc). • Dangerous Goods Codes (UN. RID/ADR, DOT, IMDG, IATA). • Physical properties of the substance. • Substance composition. • National Inventories (including EU, TSCA, Japan, Korea, Australia, China). • Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) from over 50 countries and states. • Poisonous and hazardous substances Classifications (EU Annex 1 DSD, Annex 6 REACH, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand, etc) • Emergency Limits. • Biological Exposure Limits. • Accidental release rules. • Carcinogens, mutagens and reprotoxins. • Cosmetic directives and restrictions • Environmental pollutants (air, soil, water, marine pollutants) • Fire protection requirements • Hazardous wastes • Ingredient disclosure requirements • Marketing restrictions • Poisons codes • Therapeutic requirements • VOC substances The Chemwatch DocLink service enables you to link data points together to create whole documents, which are available in over 47 languages and a number of local formats. This allows you to create and view documents such as: • Vendor/Supplier (M)SDS • Chemwatch Gold (M)SDS • Chemwatch Mini (M)SDS • Labels • ChInA reports • Hazard summaries • Custom documents For further information contact: info@chemwatch.net