Histopathologic doesn’t describe a machete-wielding killer……

Terms used throughout an MSDS, a Monograph or other documents encountered in the Health and Safety portfolio, often confuse • This portfolio now addresses Toxicology, Medicine, Environmental Fate, Ecotoxicity, Dangerous Goods Transport and Storage, Occupational Hygiene, Chemistry, Physics and so much more • Chemwatch has combined a large number of specialist dictionaries into a single searchable database – WikiWatch – and made this available from tool bars available within our applications. Simply type any word of interest and within seconds its definition will “pop-up” • WikiWatch now contains more than 50,000 definitions drawn from many disciplines • Chemwatch-authored documents, such as MSDS, have been indexed against WikiWatch and technical terms are highlighted on the document itself. The highlights, in effect, locate mouse-over tool tips Highlights can be “turned off” if these become distracting • The Wiki concept emphasises user contributions and WikiWatch encourages such contributions; in this way we anticipate that WikiWatch will continue to grow For further information contact: