FEATURES 2018-06-28T22:17:47+00:00
User Permissions Settings 2014-05-28T05:33:43+00:00

User Access Permissions: more than 500 scenarios.

Think security. Think real-life situation. Set up access for your users by restricting or allowing more than 100 functions. Assign read, read-write or no access per user, per location.

User Interface in 47 Languages 2014-09-13T14:09:14+00:00

Truly multi-lingual User Interface

47 Languages; set per user.

Status Messages 2014-05-28T05:27:23+00:00

System Messages – Feedback is important!

Status messages appear at the very  TOP of the Chemwatch application to confirm every single operation. Green Messages describe success, Yellow will notify you of an incomplete operation or input and red ones denote errors.

Single Sign On 2014-05-28T05:21:44+00:00

100 Systems – 1 password is the new standard.

Single Sign On is the fastest growing IT innovation in recent years. Basically – with multiple systems and accounts, intranets, project tools, etc. average employee maintains more than 5 sets of credentials. Companies are employing Single Sign On technologies where a single central directory of users is used to authenticate who you are – regardless of which system you are trying to access. Chemwatch fully supports SSO!

Password Strength Validation 2014-05-28T04:53:57+00:00

Administrators of your Chemwatch application may select this option to ensure that passwords created in the system meet the strictest and latest standards.

User Access and Authentication 2014-05-28T04:52:02+00:00

In case your IT asks…we tick all the boxes!

Yes to HTTPS. Yes to SSO Authentication. Yes to unsurpassed Browser Compatibility. Yes to “NO FLASH”. Yes to integration. Yes to 3rd party code review (Veracode). Yes to state of the art military-grade security.

Risk Matrix Calculation Settings 2014-09-13T08:29:43+00:00

Configure your own Risk Matrix

By default, Chemwatch follows the widely adopted 5 x 5 Risk Matrix methodology (5 levels of SEVERITY and 5 levels of PROBABILITY). We have made these settings available to Administrators; In cases where internal policy dictates a different Risk model (e.g. 3×3 – Low, Medium, High) you may use this tool to adjust the entire model to match your policy. In addition, you may customise the colour scheme – and select which colour corresponds to which Risk Level.

Personal Protection Wizard 2014-09-13T08:29:58+00:00

Review suggested PPE so you can implement your own.

Chemwatch calculation engine will automatically suggest most appropriate Personal Protection based on the Chemical Hazard Assessment and the Task specifics (Scale, frequency, dustiness/volatility). Experienced HS&E managers may override this and select appropriate Personal Protection using a simple PPE Wizard, available in the Controls section of the Risk Assessment.

Create Unlimited Risk Assessments 2014-09-13T08:30:14+00:00

Unlimited Risk Assessments.

Chemwatch Subscribers can carry out unlimited risk assessments without any additional charge.

Task Selection 2014-05-28T04:39:23+00:00

More than 100 pre-defined tasks and the ability to create your own!

Predefined tasks for the purpose of the Risk Assessment are taken from UK  HSE and UN ILO guidelines. You may create your own unlimited task names to ensure your process is covered 100%.

Special Tasks 2014-05-28T04:36:52+00:00

Tasks that define the control measures are covered.

Some tasks may imply controls or change the physical properties of the substance/product in the risk assessment. These include Spraying, Welding, Mechanical grinding, for example. Chemwatch has pre-defined the Scenarios for these Tasks to ensure full automation of the assessment.

One page Risk report 2014-09-13T08:30:23+00:00

Your Risk Assessment in under 30 seconds!

One Page risk report is automatically available for every assessment carried out by you or one of your staff.

UK HSE (COSHH) Control Documents 2018-06-28T23:08:45+00:00

Additional Risk Assessment Control Documents. Automatic!

For each applicable Risk Assessment the relevant HSE and ILO control documents are automatically selected. This ensures that you can review and implement additional controls and checklists, as proposed by HSE (UK COSHH) and ILO (United Nations).

Health Surveillance filter and report 2014-09-13T08:30:37+00:00

Health Surveillance substances identified for Risk Assessment

Health Surveillance filters flag materials and ingredients that fit the criteria. Detailed information is provided on type of monitoring. Simply execute a 1-click filter to identify all products containing substances, or substances themselves, that require Health Surveillance.

Distribute Use Scenarios independent to your inventory 2017-11-16T02:39:17+00:00

Distribute your Tasks independent to your Inventory.

Why? Because Chemicals are often not used and stored at the same location. Single product or substance may be used in many different ways. Risk Assessment is driven by a USE-Scenario; or in other words, a TASK. In Chemwatch Risk Assessment module you may create and distribute unlimited TASKS per chemical, ensuring every use-scenario is covered. To make things easier – we have allowed you to do this by simple Drag & Drop – or via right-click copy/paste menu.

Create your own Risk Controls 2014-05-28T04:22:33+00:00

Risk Assessment Controls applicable to your workplace

Add, edit or remove controls to ensure that the list of available control measures reflects your workplace environment. Link any control to a specific Risk Level.

Custom Control Documents 2014-05-28T04:20:56+00:00

Create your own Control Documentation

Users can link their own control documents to any Risk Assessment. Simply right-click and attach as many documents as required by your internal process requirement.

Biological monitoring filters and reports 2014-09-13T08:30:51+00:00

Biological Monitoring Filter

Biological monitoring filters flag materials and ingredients that fit the criteria. Determinant sampling time and BEI is provided for each ingredient.

Label Template Search 2014-09-13T08:31:03+00:00

Pick from Gallery or Search for label templates.

Where Label gallery is large and many label templates are used by a particular Company – a label search option is available.

Inputing data at print time 2014-09-13T08:31:09+00:00

Input data to your labels at print time when required.

Each “”Special”” field that is set to INPUT AT PRINT TIME can be named.
At the point of generating a label for printing the user is asked to input values for each field.

Custom User Data on Labels 2018-06-28T23:08:46+00:00

Paste anything onto your chemical labels

In addition to more than 400 data placeholders you may insert into D-Gen label templates, you may also add any combination of your own data or images;  This includes text, images or bar-codes.

Chemwatch Label Templates 2014-09-13T08:31:23+00:00

40 label templates are the starting point!!!

Chemwatch regulatory specialists have collaborated with in-house designers to produce 40+ basic label templates. These support the requirements of various jurisdictions. You may edit any of these to create your own customised label templates.

Placarding Reports 2014-09-13T08:31:36+00:00

Know your Placarding Requirements!

Chemwatch application automatically calculates Placarding requirements for any of your storage facilities, buildings, sites or even cabinets.

Limits are pre-set according to local regulation; tools to set your own criteria and limits should you need to.

Manifest Reports 2014-09-13T08:31:48+00:00

Produce Storage Manifests Automatically

Produce Manifest reports automatically with Chemwatch Application. Manifest default cut-off volume/weight is set automatically by the system, however Administrator can specify internal limits Settings.
Combined with Report Generator you will have endless possibilities when it comes to reporting!

Location-based forms! 2014-05-28T03:45:10+00:00

Where folder represents a location: Assign unlimited properties, data and documentation to your Folders

Custom Forms and data-points are available for Folders. Create, edit and save additional properties for Folders. You may also attach facility related documentation, emergency evacuation plans, contact numbers…there is no limitations set.

Full History of Form Inputs 2018-06-28T23:08:58+00:00

Full history of YOUR data

History Feature is available in Form Builder forms. You can keep track of all changes made in each User Form, by date, user or user-group. Access this information in a clean, table format, and export, print or save it locally in multiple formats. This feature is ideal for integrating periodical processes and administration such as health surveillance, exposure history, periodical workplace checklists, etc.

Form Builder 2018-06-28T23:09:01+00:00

Create Forms and add custom data points to your process.

Form builder is a powerful database customisation tool for Chemwatch users. Create unlimited data points and associate them with your Chemicals, Folders/Locations, Persons or other.
Corresponding Database fields are created automatically Populate these fields, attach documents or assign people, groups or locations automatically or manually (using forms).

Toxicological Report 2014-09-13T08:32:09+00:00

Extensive Toxicological research combined in a single document.

In researching more than 100,000 Substances and 150,000 common Mixtures, over 20 years. Chemwatch has built up an extensive knowledge base of Toxicological data. Expert articles, peer-reviewed publications as well as trusted Government publications are only some of the sources Chemwatch has used to acquire the necessary information. Each Substance in Chemwatch library will have an extensive Tox report; To give you an idea on how much information it can carry – we can say that some Tox reports exceed 7 pages. Available in Chemeritus – and in 47 languages, this is a report designed for experts.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 2014-09-13T08:32:17+00:00

Standard Operating Procedure Report

When you are reviewing a product or a substance for use at your Organisation, this SOP report will give you more information than any Vendor (M)SDS! Covering Engineering Controls, PPE, Precautions, and much more, this document is a valuable part of any Approval process. Available in 47 languages!

Safe Storage with other Chemicals report 2014-09-13T08:32:32+00:00

Do’s and Dont’s of Chemical Storage

With a single click you may produce an in-depth report outlining storage incompatibilities. This report will list actual segregation distances, specific structure controls, and more. You may run this report on any list in your inventory.

Risk Assessment Report 2014-09-13T08:28:51+00:00

1 page. Clear. Concise. Direct.

The purpose of a Risk Assessment is to communicate the risks associated with a particular use scenario in a particular environment. To communicate this information clearly and concisely Chemwatch has developed a 1 page Risk Assessment report template especially designed to be understandable by non-professionals. Colour coding denotes the level of risk; Available in 47 languages.

Personal Protection (PPE) Report 2014-09-13T08:32:48+00:00

Extensive advice on Personal Protection!

Whilst a typical (M)SDS  would communicate the appropriate Personal Protection controls it often fails to go into much detail; Chemwatch has developed special Glove Selection Index calculations and a Respirator algorithm that suggests best PPE types for certain situations. Often exceeding 2 pages this report is available in 47 languages!

MINI (M)SDS 2014-09-13T08:33:03+00:00

One page hazard sheet designed for the workplace!

Mini is a single-page Hazard Summary document outlining most important information about chemical /product hazards, storage, handling and emergency actions . Colour denotes the level of hazard. Special pictorgams have been created to assist the users with limited expertise understanding the most important Hazards, Emergency and Storage information.

(M)SDS Version Comparison Tool 2018-06-28T23:09:05+00:00

Compare (M)SDS Versions quickly and easily!

This tool is unique to Chemwatch and reflects the strong R&D focus of the Company. Compare any 2 (M)SDS versions in Authorite.
Simply select versions you wish to compare and submit. Changes will be highlighted, and removed text/elements will be marked with a ‘strikethrough’. This allows you to track changes between versions – as well as regulatory updates on your Product (M)SDS authored using AuthorITe.

First Aid Report 2014-09-13T08:33:30+00:00

Clear and concise information sheet for First Aid responders

Available in 47 languages this document provides extensive First Aid information for more than 250,000 Chemicals. Single click access. Easy to read, using short phrases. Comes standard with GoldFFX and Chemeritus.

Environmental Report 2014-09-13T08:33:47+00:00

Extensive Environmental Report

Available in 47 languages this document provides extensive review of anecdotal and other Ecotoxicological data presented in an easy-to-read format with the level of hazard clearly indicated in the colour of the document header. Comes standard with Chemeritus.

Documents in 47 Languages 2014-09-13T08:23:20+00:00

Global in the true sense of the word.

All Chemwatch Documents are available in 47 languages. Professional translators from the fields of Workplace Safety, Toxicology, Chemistry and Environmental Science maintain the worlds largest Phrase Library. More than 25,000 expert phrases are currently available; this library is growing at a steady rate as new research, phrases and knowledge becomes available.

Advice to Doctor Report 2018-06-28T23:09:05+00:00

When (M)SDS isn’t enough…

Commercial (M)SDS are often concise and fail to convey extensive information on Toxicology and advice for Medial Professionals.

Chemwatch has fully classified 100,000 Substances – and each carries with it a full Advice To Doctor Report, containing much more information than a typical (M)SDS would.

This document is available for every product or substance contained in Chemwatch GOLD database. GoldFFX and Chemeritus carry this document as standard.

Multi-lingual Document Support 2014-09-13T08:34:19+00:00

Special fonts, Right-To-Left Scripts. We’ve got it covered.

All documents generated in the Chemwatch System fully support RTL (Right To Left) language scripts. This includes Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu to name a few. In addition, all Documents generated in the Chemwatch System now feature Fonts in accordance with Usability Guidelines for Japan and China.

ChInA Report 2018-06-28T23:09:06+00:00

Chemical Incidents Advisory Report

Developed for Fire Brigades and Emergency Responders world wide, this document contains firefighting and spills information delivered in its shortest, most actionable PHRASES. This document is available for every product or substance contained in Chemwatch GOLD database. GoldFFX and Chemeritus carry this document as standard. Also available on mobile devices and tablets running Android and Apple OS via SmartSuite.

(M)SDS Font size 2014-05-27T03:04:29+00:00

Change the (M)SDS font size with one click using (M)SDS quick-settings.

From advanced settings you may change much, much more.

Search Relevance Rating 2014-05-27T02:59:33+00:00

Chemical Names can be a mystery…

Chemwatch has implemented the worlds first chemical name RELEVANCE RATING. When you search by name Chemwatch will produce search results for all known Primary Names, Synonyms, Trade Names as well as preferred names, as set by the user. Search for the keyword ‘benz’ and you will see what we mean…

Query Builder 2014-09-13T08:34:30+00:00

Mirror Mirror…Which Paint is most hazardous of all???

Create unlimited combination of queries using the Query Builder. Chemwatch will be adding new search parameters over the next 2 sprints.
Utilize powerful search operands and virtually unlimited combinations. You may save, edit and retrieve your queries at any time.

Outback – Distributing Labels 2018-06-28T23:09:08+00:00

In addition to (M)SDS, and MINI, it is also possible to distribute Chemical labels to your clients. Using AuthorITe you may create mixture (M)SDS; Using D-Gen you may design labels. Using Outback you can distribute both (M)SDS and Labels to your Client – in real time.

Multi-lingual Chemical Search 2014-09-13T08:24:34+00:00

Search over 200,000 Substances in over 30 languages.

Thanks to Galleria Chemica, official chemical names from hundreds of regulatory/official lists have been indexed and made available in the Chemwatch search engine. Simply choose your search language and type away…System will suggest results as you type…

Minor Storage Tools and Guidelines 2014-09-13T08:34:58+00:00

Manifest module gives you access to Minor Storage guidelines:

For Chemicals not exceeding Placarding limits there is a variety of additional information on Minor Storage and Handling! As with most Chemwatch functions it takes one click to access this information for any Product or Substance subject to scrutiny when it comes to storage and handling.

IRMA – Emergency Response 2014-09-13T08:27:21+00:00

24/7 Chemical Emergency Response line in 150 languages

Fire, Spills, First Aid, Medical and Worker or domestic exposure advice is available for each chemical (substance or mixture). Reports are comprehensive (they may contain several pages of information each).

Emergency Response Service Hot Line 24/7 provides responses in over 150 languages and is supported by trained individuals specialising in Fire/ Spills/ Medical and Regulatory disciplines.

Intray of Favourites 2014-05-27T02:33:01+00:00

My (least) favourite chemicals…

Rather than creating endless folders and sub folders, Chemwatch systems feature a list-building feature called the ‘Intray’.

Build your own ‘favourite’ lists by adding any chemical to intray. You may do this from any location, search or filter results. This is quite valuable when you are building lists that are not linked to a particular location, but still require you to action, report on, or phase out.

Ingredient View 2014-09-13T08:35:13+00:00

The Babushka effect…

Substances contained in your products are subject to Regulation, Standards and Best practices, and as such, ultimately, drive your entire Chemicals Management Strategy. Chemwatch allows you to view your entire inventory of products broken down into individual ingredients; we even combine the volumes which allows you to see exactly how much of each substance you store.

Best of all – it requires no more than ONE CLICK to do so.


“Ingredient In” Search 2014-09-13T08:35:20+00:00

Find me all products containing “substance X”

Whenever you see an Pure chemical in Chemwatch system (more than 250,000) – you may right-click and select the INGREDIENT IN function. This feature allows you to find all products that contain that particular ingredient. Practically invaluable feature when it comes to implementing phaseout strategies…

Incompatibility Report 2014-09-13T08:35:29+00:00

Complete Summary of Incompatibilities

With a single click – users may generate this report that flags all materials that should be separated or segregated. There is even information on how far the segregation must be in order to achieve a safe Storage environment.

Hide function 2014-05-22T07:16:05+00:00

The invisible cloak.

Hide any chemical and/or storage location of concern from unauthorised users: providing you have sufficient permissions to administer other users access, you may assign a “hidden” property to any Chemical or Location, thus ensuring Chemicals of high concern are kept safe and secure.

Hazard Filters 2014-05-22T07:13:31+00:00

Identify chemicals by specific (combination of) hazards!

Filter any list of Materials, Containers or Risk Assessments by specific Health, Physical or Environmental Hazard. For example you may identify, in seconds, all carcinogens, mutagens, liver toxins or flammables at any location or entire organisation.

Folders (Nodes) Tree 2014-09-13T08:27:41+00:00

Manage folders like you already do!

Folder management is quick and easy – supporting drag&drop and right-click context menu. There are no limits to the number of folders you can create to represent your inventory structure.

Chemical (Sub)Structure Search 2014-09-13T08:26:11+00:00

Drawing brings SMILES to your face…

Use Structure Drawing tool to search a library of over 360,000 substances. You may also use SMILES Structure Search which is also native to Chemwatch applications.

Emeritus Chemeritus 2014-05-16T06:41:48+00:00

Ultimate tool for Health, Safety and Environment Professionals and Toxicologists

Chemeritus Application covers all aspects of Chemicals management including expert documentation on Toxicology, Environmental and Personal Protection. Dedicated Approvals module and Workflow engine come as standard. Chemical Structure Search, 3D Molecule visualisation tools and much much more is available natively.

3D Molecular Modelling 2017-07-31T00:24:12+00:00

Visualise and explore over 360,000 molecular structures.

Over 360,000 Pure Substance molecular structures are avialble in Chemwatch. Use Chemeritus application to visualise and explore these. No Browser plugins required.

(M)SDS Update alerts 2018-06-28T23:09:13+00:00

Know what changed, when it changed, and WHERE it affects you!

Users are alerted via email when a Vendor (M)SDS is updated.

Substance Library 2014-09-13T08:26:33+00:00

A fountain of knowledge…Over 150.000 substances have been fully reviewed and characterised. Our team has developed SDS (in almost 50 languages) as well as animal- and eco-tox, emergency response and safe handling procedures, for each. The Chemwatch Library is the world’s largest independently, peer-reviewed substances, growing by thousands yearly.

Auto-Sanitise Ingredients (Limited disclosure) 2014-09-13T08:35:58+00:00

Protect your trade secrets and and ensure Regulatory Compliance. 

Auto-Sanitise Ingredients feature in AuthoITte will pre-calculate the final mixture classification and “hide” all constituents that do not contribute to the final classification.
Simply select the auto option when in sanitised view and the system takes care of the rest. You may also manually override this.

Classification Engine 2014-09-13T08:26:56+00:00

Create your own Pure Chemical Classifications and Mixture (M)SDS using our massive Library.

Over 200,000 Pure Substances available in the system. With AuthorITe, you may use any of them as a template. Modify any (combination) of the 200 end-points and produce your own Pure Substance (M)SDS in minutes.

AuthorITe 2014-09-13T08:36:07+00:00

World’s most powerful (M)SDS Authoring Software

In short: Support for REACH, GHS, CLP, KOSHA,  and all other jurisdictions. 35,000+ Phrases available in 47 languages. All regulatory and transport data integrated. Library of 200,000+ pure substances. There is simply not enough space so we beg you to read more.

Watermarks (protect your draft documents) 2014-09-13T08:36:14+00:00

Protect unpublished (M)SDS!

Watermarks automatically appear on unpublished SDS in Chemwatch AuthorITe. You can distribute the unpublished version both intrenally and externaly prior to final release to the market.

100,000 Rules 2014-09-13T08:36:21+00:00

Classification is just the start!

In addition to calculating Mixture classification for any Jurisdiction automatically, the AuthorITe engine features more than 100,000 rules that drive (M)SDS content such as: Phrases, Glove Selection, Respirator, Spills and Disposal methods, Incompatibilities, and much much more.