October 21, 2020/Announcements

Part 1 The truth about vaccines - I want COVID-19 to go away too, but you’re going to be injecting me with what?!

COVID-19 has certainly left its mark on 2020, and the race is on to create a vaccine that will see borders reopen, economies flourish, and most importantly, allow us all to be healthy and return to our normal, non-social-distancing lives. In this...

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October 14, 2020/Announcements

Top five tips for designing an effective laboratory

When it comes to creating a safe, functional and effective space for scientists to carry out their research, there is a lot to consider. Lab design and planning requires a lot of forethought, and a thorough understanding of the type of equipment and work.

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October 07, 2020/Announcements

Chemical safety equipment: what it is, why your lab needs it, and what to do with it

To ensure the safety of everyone working in your laboratory, it is imperative to have the appropriate chemical safety equipment. Like all equipment in the lab, chemical safety equipment should be kept in good condition and full working order. Chemical...

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