July 09, 2020/Bulletin

10 July 2020

Featured this week Chlorpyrifos Chlorpyrifos is an insecticide. Pure chlorpyrifos is made up on white or colourless crystals. It has a smell similar to sulphur—like rotten eggs. The insecticide was first registered on the market in 1965. [1,2]...

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June 30, 2020/Bulletin

3 July 2020 Bulletin

Featured this week 1,4 Nickel Nickel is a hard, naturally-occurring silver-white metal, with a chemical symbol of Ni and an atomic number of 28. It is the fifth most common element found on Earth, where it is mostly found in the Earth’s crust and...

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June 23, 2020/Bulletin

26 June 2020 Bulletin

Featured this week 1,4 Dioxane 1,4-Dioxane (also known as dioxane) is a clear, colourless liquid, with a faint ether-like odour. It is highly flammable and easily dissolvable in water. It has been classified as a Group 2B carcinogen: possibly carcinogenic

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