May 05, 2020/Bulletin

8 May 2020 Bulletin

Featured this week Sodium Nitrate Sodium nitrate—also known as Chile saltpeter—is an organic nitrate salt. It is a naturally occurring mineral and its chemical symbol is NaN03. At room temperature, the compound exists as a white crystalline...

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April 30, 2020/Bulletin

1 May 2020 Bulletin

Featured this week Acetone Acetone—also known as propanone—is a colourless flammable liquid with a strong fruity odour. Acetone is the smallest and simplest ketone and its formula is (CH3)2CO. It is an organic compound and is produced directly

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April 23, 2020/Bulletin

24 April 2020 Bulletin

Featured this week Glycerin Glycerin is a simple polyol compound that is colourless and odourless. It is a viscous sweet-tasting liquid; it is about 0.6 times sweeter than cane sugar. It is soluble in water and alcohol and has a boiling point of 290°.

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