September 01, 2020/Announcements

Top 20 chemical safety tips for your workplace

The effects of chemical-related accidents can be devastating for workers and their families, as injuries may lead to loss of life, loss of career, pain, suffering and overwhelming medical costs. Such accidents also impact on the employer as they result in

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August 27, 2020/Bulletin

28 August 2020 Bulletin

Featured this week Nitrogen dioxide Nitrogen dioxide is part of a group of gases called nitrogen oxides. In liquid form, it has a yellow-brown tinge; as a gas, it is reddish-brown. More commonly, it is a gaseous air pollutant, made up of nitrogen and...

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August 24, 2020/Announcements

Free Webinar — Laboratory Chemical Safety Management

Don’t miss our FREE webinar, held by our team in China on 28th September 2020. It will explore how you can better manage chemicals in your laboratory, and will be hosted by: Linda Wang Xiao-Xia from Chemwatch, Xu Hong-Yong from the East China...

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