November 15, 2019/Bulletin

15 November 2019 Bulletin

Featured this week Toxaphene Toxaphene (also known as chlorinated camphene) is a mixture of approximately 200 organic compounds, formed by the chlorination of camphene (C10H16) to an overall chlorine content of 67-69 % by weight. The bulk of the compounds

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November 14, 2019/Announcements

Heat Maps Webinar

We're releasing an exciting new tool called Heat Maps, which assists you in visualising your chemical stores and accounting for your chemicals in your emergency planning. You can take a sneak peek at Heat Maps in an informative webinar, which will be.

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November 08, 2019/Bulletin

8 November 2019 Bulletin

Featured this week Chlorine Trifluoride Chlorine trifluoride is an interhalogen compound with the formula ClF3 This colourless, poisonous, corrosive and very reactive gas condenses to a pale-greenish yellow liquid, the form in which it is most often sold.

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