August 23, 2019/Bulletin

23 August 2019 Bulletin

Featured this week Dibenzofuran Dibenzofuran is a heterocyclic organic compound with the molecular formula C12H8O. It is an aromatic compound that has two benzene rings fused to a central furan ring. All the numbered carbon atoms have a hydrogen atom...

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August 14, 2019/Announcements

Adorable Anderson

Introducing our newest Baby Chemwatcher, Anderson Gray Brinley! Gusty Brinley, one of our US team members, gave birth to a healthy baby boy on July 10th. This 8 pound and 3 ounce, light haired darling has completely captured his parents' hearts....

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August 09, 2019/Bulletin

16 August 2019 Bulletin

Featured this week Diethyl Sulfate Diethyl sulfate is a highly toxic and likely carcinogenic chemical compound with formula (C2H5)2SO4. [1] It is the diethyl ester of sulfuric acid and exists at room temperature as a colourless oily liquid with a faint...

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