Better Your Chemical Communication

Did you know Chemwatch can assist you with communicating chemical safety and hazards to your workers?

Join our FREE webinar on August 8 at 11am EDT to learn how to use documentation to better communicate with your staff about the chemicals they use.

Chemwatch has created our Gold SDS for workers because they are easy to understand- using standardized formatting, color coding, icons, images and concise phrases.

We’ve also created a range of worker safety sheets (Mini SDS), further assisting with important chemical information communication – they are quickly available in multiple languages, color coded, and are largely picture-based, ensuring communication even for those with limited literacy skills.

We ensure you can:

·         Access Gold SDS in up to 47 languages and 93 country formats
·         Access worker safety sheets in up to 47 languages
·         Have SDS with automatic classification per jurisdiction
·         Have SDS with automatic Regulatory links with ingredients
·         Access the best Chemical Worker safety data in the industry

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