WANTED Database Administrator

Chemwatch invites applicants for the position of Database Administrator. The position is only open to Australian citizens or permanent residents with unlimited work rights. Knowledge of current  Chemwatch services, applications, database architecture and software interfaces is essential. Remuneration will be offered in the range of  $75,000 to $85,000 commensurate with skill level and experience.

If interested, please submit a CV to Cathy Jeddou, H.R. Manager by email to cathy@chemwatch.net.  
A cover letter should disclose residency or visa status and provide details of experience and  knowledge of Chemwatch applications and database architecture. 
Applications close 5 November, 2019.



The position is responsible for:

· The effective and efficient functioning of all Chemwatch regulatory and material databases to ensure accurate and speedy responses to user initiated interrogations.

· The employment of best practice to ensure the integrity of all databases.

· Ensuring that both company and customer proprietary intellectual property is protected and secured against unauthorised use.

· Performing adequate backup and disaster recovery systems.

· Maintaining up-to-date documentation of all related systems, processes and procedures, ensuring compliance with ISO:9001:2015 standards.


Main duties:

· Design, develop, implement, and maintain best practice database systems responsive to management and/or customer requirements.  Ensure data quality and integrity in databases.

· Define, and control adherence to, database policies and standards.

· Develop and maintain database tables, dictionaries, naming conventions etc.

· Monitor performance, identify issues/bugs, provide appropriate corrective measures.

· Create complex functions, scripts, procedures to support application development.

· Troubleshoot database related issues in a timely fashion, collaborating as necessary with stakeholders.

· Review and optimize existing database systems, computer sites, networks  for performance efficiency. Monitor and record performance on an ongoing basis.

· Participate with internal and external stakeholders in database design and architecture to support application development projects.

· Prepare design specifications and functional documentation for assigned database projects.

· Perform space management and capacity planning for current and future database requirements.

· Provide support in real time to customers, developers, management and other Chemwatch teams, as required.

· Develop security procedures to protect databases from unauthorized usage, hacking, intrusions, and/or other disruptive attacks.

· Perform data back-up and archival on regular basis in both testing and live environments. Ensure adequate disaster recovery and data reversion procedures are in place.

· Maintain up-to-date documentation of all related systems, processes and procedures, ensuring compliance with ISO:9001:2015 standards.

· Research and evaluate new and developing technologies which may enhance service delivery, performance efficiency, security, customer useability etc.


Skills Required

· Bachelor Degree or equivalent with Applied Mathematics or Computer Science speciality.

· Deep knowledge and experience in administration of Oracle RDBMS, ability to design efficient structures within the restrictions of Oracle Standard version

· Experience in developing efficient SQL and PL/SQL code for real-time high-load applications

· Understanding of principles of cloud-based technologies, experience in administrating remote servers

· Experience in building of search engines, having regard to OHS regulatory regimes, chemical naming and properties

· Knowledge of current Chemwatch applications, database architecture, and software interfaces is essential.

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