SiSoT is an effective way to manage your chemicals and related assets.

Using barcode technology, you can track every container as it arrives onsite, through to disposal. Place barcodes onto containers and use ‘action’ barcodes to record movements of chemical containers throughout your organisation in your Chemwatch system.

Catalogue your chemicals, and place ‘orders’ for chemicals from your organisation’s central stores. You can also perform stocktake and reconciliation of your chemical storage areas.

SiSoT comes with the functionality to create barcodes for affixing to chemical containers, as well as the ability to generate documentation such as waste contractor forms. It also works in conjunction with other Chemwatch modules to give you a comprehensive chemical management system.



Brilliant Barcodes

  • Create barcodes in your Chemwatch system or use pre-printed barcodes from third party suppliers
  • Unique barcodes for every chemical container
  • SiSoT barcode generation rules can be customised - use random generation, or specify parameters
  • Use action barcodes - perform SiSoT functions just with a barcode scanner
  • Available for a number of barcode formats, including EAN, QR, and more!

Shop ‘Til You Drop

  • Place ‘orders’ for chemicals from your central chemical stores
  • Accept full or partial orders depending on stock levels
  • Receipts in and out
  • Order history and status available
  • Item easily dropped into appropriate storage folder in your Chemwatch system after being physically received

Stocktake and Reconciliation

  • Audit your chemical stores - perform stocktake and reconciliation on your chemicals
  • Ability to stop users from editing folders in your Chemwatch system for the set period whilst a stocktake is in place
  • Mark found and lost chemicals and take note of unapproved or undocumented chemical container movements

Chemicals In, Chemicals Out

  • Comprehensive tracking, view container receipts in and out
  • Create waste documentation
  • System updated to reflect current location of the container each time it is moved
  • Ability to tag chemicals if required
  • Visual representation of types of chemical storage and use locations - easily identify:
    • Administrative locations (eg faculties)
    • Storage locations (central stores, buildings)
    • Temporary storage locations (loading bays), and
    • Use areas (laboratories, factory floor, R & D areas)

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