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Chemwatch saves you money because of innovative technologies and our use of artificial intelligence.

SDS Management is key to most Chemicals Management Systems and, hitherto, acquisition and updating of SDS have been labour intensive.

Newer Cloud-based technologies allow us to employ hundreds of servers, simultaneously, to locate and ensure these are kept up to date.  Data and documents mining is our speciality

Upon supplying your chemicals inventories Chemwatch automates searches through our existing database of 60 million SDS and on the Web. The technology has been in development for several years and proves robust. We are the only provider who can currently exploit this technology 

Once an SDS has been located on the Web, we revisit that SDS 3 times yearly, to look for its updates. The process is automated and updates are identified using artificial intelligence – essentially everything is “hands-free”. In the course of several years we have increased our download rates from thousands of SDS per month to several million – currently 4 million but rising steadily. We currently identify over  350,000 updates monthly.

This entire service is run by “Webster” our resident (and much beloved) robot see video

That’s why we can confidently predict our running costs are significantly lower than other providers. You enjoy the flow-on effects.



As you might expect we are familiar with the cost of other systems (as are they are of ours). We quote on that basis and are satisfied that we offer packages which offer substantial reductions in price (at least 30% lower) than that quoted by the current lowest price competitor.

However assume for a moment that you enjoy a lower rate than the current market rates offered by others, you simply need to provide evidence of this and we will ensure you continue to enjoy our 30% discount.

So confident are we on our updating services we offer “guarantees” – if an SDS is updated and it’s not transferred into your system within 3 months, we offer a year’s subscription for free.

Furthermore, if you already have a chemicals inventory system, resident in a competitor package, we will reproduce this within three months – folder structures and all. Otherwise, the subscription is free for the following year. 

We ensure that the SDS, already available to you,  are updated where necessary. We often update more than 20% of your current SDS.



You might argue that price doesn’t guarantee the level of support that you might currently enjoy.

Chemwatch  is an ISO 9002 certified company employing over 300 people in 20+ global offices   Help is 24/7 (in over 50 languages). Each client is provide with their own team of specialists (with whom you will be on first name terms – we call this team an “Entourage)”   Your team might be reached by chatline, email, SMS or phone.

Chemwatch offers much more than a SDS management system.

It supports 

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