SDS Management


SDS Management

We’d like to say we’re the best in the world when it comes to SDS management!

We currently have over 50 million SDS in our Collection, allowing you to find and add just the ones you need to your system to create a customised library of SDS for your organisation. We then continuously keep all your SDS up to date through multiple processes:


We’d like to introduce you to Webster, our specially-created online robot who spends his days zooming over the web with his trusty jetpack to find your SDS! Aside from his sleek and shiny looks, he is a hard worker, actively searching out supplier SDS and help us update our SDS records.


SDS and Registrations Team

While Webster is a fantastic help, it’s our SDS and Registrations Team who keep everything up to date for us. They are responsible for contacting chemical manufacturers and suppliers close to the SDS expiry date to source the latest SDS, and are also the ones actively adding new and updated SDS to our ever-growing Collection.



Our team of qualified chemists are another integral part of our SDS management processes. They collectively author 4000+ new SDS each month, which are then peer-reviewed and added to our Collection. They can create Vendor SDS for your products, and they are also responsible for the creation of our Chemwatch Gold SDS that offer a handy review of commonly available chemicals.

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