Welcome to Your Entourage


Welcome to your Entourage





Continuing our commitment to unsurpassed personal service.

You’ll now be greeted by the friendly faces of a team ready to assist you, and your organisation, every time you log into your Chemwatch applications.

They represent your dedicated support team, and include your:

You can contact ANY of the team by email or through our chat lines.

Getting to know your "Entourage"

Guess what, we’re people too! Your team are more than just a friendly face – and we encourage you get to know them personally.

Learn about each team member from the professional and personal profiles accompanying their photo.

These profiles are subject to continuous update (in a similar fashion to your social media newsfeed), so you can stay up to date with all the latest information from your team.

Continuous support

Whilst in any of our applications, the Entourage is ever present – to assist you on your journey through your chemicals and SDS management.

If you get stuck using your system, let us know and we’ll walk you through what you see on screen – upon your request, our helpdesk system can view your current browser window so we’ll assist you with any issues in your Chemwatch system.

Alternatively, you can also create a "trouble ticket" and direct it to any members of your Entourage.

"Trouble tickets" enter our managed query system, ensuring a timely response including emailed progress reports - your Customer Service facilitator coordinates the response from all team members where required.


Project management and system audits are reported on a continuous basis using a series of tables and widgets.

And if you have any queries related to these issues, your Entourage will provide support.



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