Alport’s syndrome

A genetically heterogenous disorder characterized by kidney abnormalities with hematuria and proteinuria, sensorineural hearing loss, and eye abnormalities. Two main genetically distinct forms are recognized: An X-linked dominant form (MIM 301050) with additional features including mental retardation, dysmorphic facies with midfacial hypoplasia, elliptocytosis and smooth muscle tumors; and an autosomal recessive form (OMIM 203780). Variants of Alport syndrome without mental retardation include: Alport syndrome with leukocyte inclusions and macrothrombocytopenia (transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait) Synonyms: Fechtner syndrome (named after a patient) Sebastian platelet syndrome (named after a patient) macrothrombocytopathy-deafness-nephritis-leukocyte inclusions syndrome (OMIM 153640) Alport syndrome with macrothrombocytopenia (transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait) Synonyms: Epstein syndrome hereditary macrothrombocytopathia-nephritis-deafness syndrome macrothrombocytopathy-nephritis-deafness syndrome thrombocytopenia-macrothrombocytopathia-nephritis-defames syndrome (OMIM 153650) hereditary nephropathy-deafness syndrome (transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait) Synonym: hereditary nephropathy-sensorineural hearing loss syndrome (OMIM 104200) Alport syndrome with abnormal collagen of basement membrane (transmitted as an X-linked trait) (OMIM 303630)