Lateral branches

[TA] branches directed away from the midline, to the side. Terminologia Anatomica lists lateral branches (ramus lateralis/rami laterales) of the following: 1) artery of tuber cinereum (rami laterales arteriarum tuburis cinerci [TA]); 2) anterior interventricular branch of left coronary artery (ramus lateralis interventricularis anterioris arteriae coronariae sinistrae [TA]); 3) pontine arteries (rami laterales arteriae pontis [TA]); 4) posterior rami of cervical/thoracic/lumbar/sacral/coccygeal spinal nerves (rami laterales ramorum posteriorum nervorum cervicalium/thoracalium/lumbalium/sacralium/coccygeum); 5) umbrical part of left branch of portal vein (rami laterales partis umbilici rami sinistri venae portae hepatis [TA]); 6) left hepatic duct (ramus lateralis ductus hepatici sinistri [TA]); 7) superior cerebellar artery (rami lateralis arteriae superioris cerebelli [TA]); 8) supraorbital nerve (ramus lateralis nervi supraorbitalis [TA]). SYN: rami laterales [TA].