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Expert (M)SDS Authoring

Chemwatch's team of chemists, occupational hygienists and safety specialists author more than 4000 SDS monthly on behalf of its clients. Each SDS is compliant with local or regional requirements and undergoes extensive peer review prior to release.

With any change in Regulation or Classification, the SDS undergoes an automatic update. SDS are supported under Professional Indemnity Policy.  In probability we produce more (M) SDS than any other organisation, making prices extremely competitive.

zinc O,O-diisodecyl dithiophosphate
CAS: 25103-54-2

Synonyms: isodecanol, hydrogen phosphorodithioate, zinc salt; phosphorodithoic acid, O,O-diisodecyl ester, zinc salt; zinc dialkyl dithiophosphorate

zinc octoate
CAS: 557-09-5

Synonyms: C16-H30-O4.Zn; C8-H16-O2. 1/2 Zn; zinc drier 4% 6% 8%; zinc ethylhexoate; zinc octanoate; 2-ethylhexanoate; octanoic acid, zinc salt

zinc oleate
CAS: 557-07-3

Synonyms: C36-H68-O4-Zn; Zn(C17H33CO2)2; oleic acid, zinc salt (1:2); paint drier

zinc orthosilicate, manganese activated
CAS: 68611-47-2

Synonyms: silicic acid (H2SiO4), zinc salt (1:2), manganese doped; zinc silicate phosphor; Fluorescent Indicator Green 254 NM for thin layer chromatography

zinc orthosilicate, manganese, arsenic activated
CAS: 68611-46-1

Synonyms: silicic acid (H2SiO4), zinc salt (1:2), arsenic and manganese doped

zinc oxalate
CAS: 547-68-2

Synonyms: C2-O4-Zn; ZnC2O4; oxalic acid, zinc salt

zinc oxide fume
CAS: 1314-13-2

Synonyms: ZnO; airborne zinc oxide

zinc oxide phosphonate dihydrate
CAS: 55799-16-1

Synonyms: 3ZnO.ZnHPO3.2H2O; Zn4O3(HPO3); tribasic zinc phosphite; zinc hydroxy phosphite; zinc oxide phosphonate; Nalzin 2

zinc p-phenolsulfonate
CAS: 127-82-2

Synonyms: C12-H12-O8-S2.Zn; Zn(HOC6H4SO3)2; benzenesulfonic acid, p-hydroxy-, zinc salt (2:1); benzenesulfonic acid, 4-hydroxy-, zinc salt (2:1); p-hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid zinc salt; 1-phenol-4-sulfonic acid zinc salt; zinc p-hydroxybenzenesulfonate; zinc 1,4-phenolsulfonate; zinc phenol-sulfonate; zinc phenol-sulphonate; zinc p-phenol sulfonate; zinc sulfocarbolate; zinc sulfophenate; Phenozin; insecticide/ pesticide

zinc p-toluenesulfonate
CAS: 13438-45-4

Synonyms: (CH3C6H4SO3)2Zn.xH2O; zinc tosylate; zinc toluenesulfonate; zinc p-toluenesulphonate; p-toluenesulphonic acid, zinc salt; p-toluenesulfonic acid, zinc salt; C14-H14-O6-S2-Zn

zinc palmitate
CAS: 4991-47-3

Synonyms: C32-H62-O4-Zn; Zn(C16H31CO2)2; palmitic acid, zinc salt (1:2)

zinc pelargonate
CAS: 7640-78-0

Synonyms: C18-H34-O4-Zn; nopelargonic acid, zinc salt; nonanoic acid, zinc; zinc nonanoate; zinc nonoate; bisnonanoic acid zinc salt; zinc nonan-1-oate

zinc perborate
CAS: 10380-06-0

Synonyms: B2-O6-Zn; Zn(BO3)2; perboric acid, zinc salt

zinc perchlorate
CAS: 13637-61-1

Synonyms: Cl2-O8-Zn; Zn(ClO4)2; perchloric acid, zinc salt; zinc perchlorate hexahydrate (CAS RN: 10025-64-6)

zinc permanganate
CAS: 23414-72-4

Synonyms: Mn2-O8.Zn; ZnMn2O8; Zn(MnO4)2.6H2O

zinc peroxide
CAS: 1314-22-3

Synonyms: O2-Zn; ZnO2; ZPO; zinc superoxide

zinc petrolatum (oxidised) sulfonate
CAS: 68918-69-4

Synonyms: petrolatum, petroleum, oxidized, zinc salt; zinc soaps of fatty acids made from oxidised petrolatum; zinc petroleum sulfonate

zinc petroleum C20-30-sulfonate
CAS: 68989-17-3

Synonyms: petrolatum, petroleum, zinc salt; sulfonic acids, C20-30-alkane, zinc salts; zinc petroleum sulfonate

zinc phenoxide
CAS: 555-91-9

Synonyms: C12-H10-O2-Zn; Zn(C6H5O)2; zinc carbolate; zinc phenolate; zonc phenate; zinc diphenoxide; insecticide/ pesticide

zinc phosphate
CAS: 7779-90-0

Synonyms: Zn3-P2-O8; zinc phosphate pigment; CI Pigment White 32; C.I. 77964; neutral zinc phosphate; trizinc diphosphate; trizinc bis(orthophosphate); zinc orthophosphate; phosphoric acid zinc salt (2:3); phosphoric acid zinc (1:x) salt CAS RN:; Heubach Zink phosphat ZP10

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