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Chemwatch's team of chemists, occupational hygienists and safety specialists author more than 4000 SDS monthly on behalf of its clients. Each SDS is compliant with local or regional requirements and undergoes extensive peer review prior to release.

With any change in Regulation or Classification, the SDS undergoes an automatic update. SDS are supported under Professional Indemnity Policy.  In probability we produce more (M) SDS than any other organisation, making prices extremely competitive.

zinc sulfate monohydrate
CAS: 7446-19-7

Synonyms: ZnSO4.7H2O; white vitriol; zinc vitriol; sulfuric acid, zinc salt dried; sulphuric acid, zinc salt (1:1), monohydrate ZnSO4.H2O

zinc sulfide
CAS: 1314-98-3

Synonyms: ZnS; zinc sulphide; sphalerite mineral; Sachtolith

zinc sulfide, aluminium and copper activated
CAS: 68611-68-7

Synonyms: zinc sulphide, aluminum and copper-doped; Phosphor Type 1260

zinc sulfide, copper chloride activated
CAS: 68611-70-1

Synonyms: zinc sulphide, copper-doped; Glo-Lux Series 1000

zinc sulfide, manganese-doped
CAS: 68877-27-0

Synonyms: ZnS- Mn doped; zinc sulfide sulphide - Mn doped; Fluorescent Pigment 3336 Yellow Orange

zinc sulfide, silver chloride activated
CAS: 68611-71-2

Synonyms: zinc sulphide, silver chloride-doped; Fluorescent Pigment 2205 Blue

zinc sulfide, yellow wurtzite
CAS: 68611-66-5

Synonyms: wurtzite, copper indium yellow

zinc sulfite
CAS: 13597-44-9

Synonyms: ZnSO3; zinc sulphite

zinc sulfoxylate
CAS: 22322-35-6

Synonyms: ZnSO2

zinc tannate
CAS: 8011-65-2

Synonyms: tannins, zinc salts; Kastrin; Sal Barnit

zinc tartrate
CAS: 551-64-4

Synonyms: C4-H4-O6-Zn; butanedioic acid, 2,3-dihydroxy-, [R-[R*,R*)]-, zinc salt (1:1); zinc (+)-tartrate; zinc d-tartrate

zinc telluride
CAS: 1315-11-3

Synonyms: ZnTe

zinc terephthalate
CAS: 255367-66-9

Synonyms: C24-H12-O13.Zn4; zinc benzene-1,4-dicarboxylate

zinc terephthalate - deuterated
CAS: 873654-37-6

Synonyms: C24-D12-O13.Zn4; zinc benzene-1,4-dicarboxylate - deuterated

zinc tetracyanoplatinate
CAS: 12169-58-3

Synonyms: Zn[Pt(CN)4]

zinc tetrafluoroborate
CAS: 13826-88-5

Synonyms: B2-F8-Zn; Zn(BF4)2; zinc fluorborate; zinc fluoborate; zinc tetrafluoroborate

zinc tetroxychromate
CAS: 37300-23-5

Synonyms: Cr-O4.Zn.H4-O2.Cr-O3; zinc yellow; zinc tetraoxychromate; zinc tetroxy chromate; chromic acid, zinc salt, compd. with zinc hydroxide and chromium oxide(9:1); C.I. Pigment Yellow 36

zinc thiocyanate
CAS: 557-42-6

Synonyms: C2-N2-S2-Zn; Zn(SCN)2; zinc thiocyanide; zinc sulphocyanate; zinc sulphocyanide; zinc sulfocyanate; zinc sulfocyanide; zinc rhodanide; zinc rhodanate; thiocyanic acid, zinc salt; thiocyanate zinc

zinc titanate
CAS: 12036-43-0

Synonyms: Zn-Ti-O3

zinc trifluoromethanesulfonate
CAS: 54010-75-2

Synonyms: C2-F6-O6-S2.Zn; Zn(SO3CF3)2; Zn(OTf); zinc triflate

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