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Chemwatch recognises the fact that most, if not all, activity relating to chemicals does not happen in an office. (M)SDS, Inventory Management and Tracking, Hazard and Risk Assessments (and much more) is available on Smartphone and Tablet devices running Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

The ability to assess the hazards and risks associated with a chemical on location, and not having to wait for “administration time” in the office, has proven to be enormously useful to workers, health and safety personnel, emergency responders as well as anyone who comes into contact, or has the potential to come into contact with chemicals.

Geo-tagging allows you to identify all chemicals found at a particular location, automatically.  Activities performed in the system (addition of new chemicals to a location, for example), automatically sync with the Cloud and is immediately reflected in your system, whether you access it from your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop or even an ERP system.


The Complete (M)SDS and Chemicals Management Solution (M)SDS is where it all starts; Now apply combined expertise and powerful tools!
COBRA COSHHPliant is a highly specialised easy-to-use chemical risk assessment tool based upon internationally adopted risk assessment models: UN International Labour Organisation (ILO) Chemical Control Toolkit and HSE COSHH Essentials (United Kingdom). Control Banding is the only globally adopted Risk Assessment model for chemicals. Chemwatch collaborates closely with various Governments and Agencies on ensuring latest research is reflected in our Risk Assessment tools.
Access to more than 20 Million Vendor (M)SDS , (M)SDS Management made easy
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