Follow Basic Chemical Safety Rules

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Do you want to know more about Chemical Regulations and Safety?

With GHS taking over as the official standard for the classification of hazardous chemicals, it is the perfect time to up-skill in a course on Chemical Safety Rules and Compliance.

The course Follow Basic Chemical Safety Rules covers fundamental chemical safety and compliance within the workplace and is recognized as an ACCREDITED UNIT OF COMPETENCY in Australia.

This course provides learners with knowledge and understanding of chemical labeling, transportation, handling, storage, and personal protective equipment requirements.

Key Topics

  • Interpret chemical safety rules
  • Follow safety instructions for handling and storage
  • Recognize risks associate with Chemicals
  • Use protective equipment
  • Communicate information about chemical spillages or accidents


Suitable for anyone, no prior knowledge in Chemistry required.


1-4 Users: $150+GST

5-9 Users: $90+GST

10-19 Users: $70+GST

20+ Users: $50+GST

Professional Development Hours

4-6 Hours

For more information about this course or to register your interest, please contact a training representative on 03 95733138 or at