July 30, 2020/Bulletin

31 July 2020 Bulletin

Featured this week Dichloromethane Dichloromethane (DCM)—also known as methylene chloride—is a clear colourless liquid. It is highly volatile and has a sweet smell. It has been classified as a Category 3 carcinogen: possibly carcinogenic, but.

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July 23, 2020/Bulletin

24 July 2020 Bulletin

Featured this week Methyl Chloride Methyl chloride—aka chloromethane—is a clear, colourless, and highly flammable gas. It is a naturally occurring ubiquitous gas, that has a faint, but sweet odour. Its chemical formula is CH3CI. [1,2,3]...

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July 14, 2020/Bulletin

17 July 2020

Featured this week Styrene Styrene is a colourless, oily liquid that has a sweet smell. It is known by many other names, including vinylbenzene, ethenylbenzene, cinnamene, phenylethylene, styrole, styropol, and UN 2055. It is a monocyclic aromatic...

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