September 17, 2020/Bulletin

18 September 2020 Bulletin

Featured this week Hydrochloric acid Hydrochloric acid, aka HCI or hydrochloride, is a slightly yellow to colourless, corrosive acid with a strong odour. It is non-combustible and non-flammable, with a pH of <1. The acid belongs to a class of inorganic

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September 17, 2020/Announcements

Keep Up to Date With Mini Briefs

It's important to stay up to date with the latest in chemical safety and compliance, which is why we've introduced our Mini Briefs. A series of free online events, they will focus on regulations information. These short webinars will run for...

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September 16, 2020/Announcements

How to implement chemical safety and compliance in your workplace

Safety is paramount when working with chemicals—not only for compliance with government regulations, but also to prevent the devastating effects that chemical-related accidents can have on workers and on the workplace. From skin burns to explosions,

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