At Chemwatch, we provide SDS management and SDS authoring to keep your chemical management systems up to date.

Chemwatch has been a leading provider in chemical management systems for over 30 years. Specialising in chemicals safety, we're an international company headquartered in Australia, with offices throughout Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific regions. We are a large employer of science graduates and postgraduates—including chemists, toxicologists and OHS specialists. Thousands of organisations use Chemwatch services globally, including manufacturers, multinationals, hospitals, research institutes, and governments, for Chemicals Management, SDS Management and Authoring, and Regulatory Compliance.

Chemical Management Systems backed by the world's largest database of chemicals.

With access to more than 50 Million Chemical SDS, you can't go wrong!

8537 +

Chemical families maintained

60,000,000 +

SDS & counting

3,162,857 +

Substances in our library

Chemical Regulatory solutions that support both Local and Global Requirements

Chemwatch products and services are used globally by more than 5,000 organisations

50 +

Languages Supported

6995 +

Lists maintained by regulatory team

90 +

Countries Supported

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