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Applications that are meant to be applied!


(M)SDS Management Made Easy

Search, organise and track your Safety Data Sheets, kept up-to-date by Chemwatch, drawing from the world’s largest (M)SDS library of more than 20 Million Documents.

Chemicals Management Toolkit

In addition to (M)SDS Management you may also require tools to manage Hazardous materials and Dangerous Goods. In addition, you will very likely require powerful search tools, reporting capabilities, secondary container labeling, mixture classification and Risk Assessment tools. This is just a short list of GoldFFX features so we invite you to read more.

Premium EHS/OH&S Package

Advanced Chemicals Management Toolkit that combines everything GoldFFX has to offer plus Expert review documents, Chemical (sub)structure search tools, 3-D Molecular Modelling, Extensive Environmental Reports and much, much more…

Build your own set of tools

All Chemwatch Applications are comprised of Modules. Each Module serves a specific function. The Bespoke application is tailored to include only those tools that fit your requirements.

Chemicals Regulation Library

Galleria is the  world’s most comprehensive library of chemicals. This library is also a Cloud-based application with powerful search tools, querying logic and a full-blown Web Service API, allowing you to integrate LIVE Regulatory data into your own tools and systems.

Risk Assessment Tool

Simple to use tools with expert rules allow you to perform Risk Assessments in under 30 seconds! With Hazard (Severity) auto-calculated based on international rules, this application ensures that skill-level, demographics or expertise does not play a part in Risk Assessment outcomes.


Chemical Labels for the World!

With 40+ Compliant Chemical Label templates included, D-Gen is the ideal labeling tool for any environment. Add to this the label design tools and you have the ultimate Chemical Labeling Solution.

(M)SDS Authoring Software

Author (M)SDS in the Cloud in less then 5 minutes drawing from a library of 250,000 Substances, 25,000+ phrases in 47 languages governed by more than 100,000 Rules!

Mobile Chemicals Management

Access your Inventory, Documents and perform Risk Assessments in 47 languages wherever you are. Geo-tagging features included. Immediate synchronisation with Chemwatch Cloud.


(M)SDS Distribution. Seamless. Automated. Integrated. Global!

Access your Inventory, Documents and perform Risk Assessments in 47 languages from anywhere.

Complete Chemical Assets Management

We introduce SiSoT as a convenient tool for your inventory management. SISoT uses barcode scan-in scan-out technology. Individual chemical containers may now be easily tracked throughout your organisation.

These Applications are complemented by powerful Features:

  • 100% Cloud based

  • User Interface in 47 Languages

  • Documents in 47 Languages

  • Regulatory Support for 80 Countries

  • Local support in 17 Countries

  • Global Emergency Response

  • State-of-the-art Security

  • Single-Sign-On Support

  • SCORM eLearning

  • Accredited Training Support

  • Support: telephone and on-line

  • (M)SDS Acquisition and Updating

  • Global Dangerous Goods Support

  • Custom Development Services

  • Expert Chemical Review

  • Regulatory Consultation

  • Risk Assessment: Health

  • Risk Assessment: Physical

  • Risk Assessment: Environmental

  • Advanced Query Builder

  • Form Builder

  • 3-D Molecular Modelling

  • Chemical (Sub)Structure Searching

  •  Reporting Tools