Asset Management

Chemwatch offers a comprehensive way to manage both your chemical and non-chemical assets and containers, through Chemical Registers, Manifest, and the inventory. SiSoT, our RFID-run technology, delivers a comprehensive asset management system with ease.

Through RFID technology, SiSoT offers a comprehensive way to manage both your chemical and non-chemical assets.

Chemicals Management

Why Chemical Management software? And what is it?

Regulatory and compliance responsibilities of companies are becoming more complex and wide-ranging every year. Dedicated chemical management software at Chemwatch has gone far beyond storing your SDS. As well as storing, Chemwatch’s dedicated chemical management software also automatically updates your SDS, and continuously tracks and updates your safety and risk profiles, environmental performance, and storage and signage needs. It generates labels and mini SDS for employee safety and product/company compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

Mobile Applications

SmartSuite 2 by Chemwatch has been specially designed to make your mobile chemicals management easier. Designed for Android and Apple (including iOS 10+) devices, SmartSuite 2 enables you to view SDS documents, emergency response guides, and view and perform risk assessments while out in the field.

SmartSuite 2 syncs with your PC-based Chemwatch system, providing ready access to vital chemical safety documents and allowing your staff to be up to date with their chemicals management at all times.


Our regulations teams have acquired, and use over, 7000 regulatory databases across 147 million data points, covering 90+ countries and languages. This extensive library and research makes Chemwatch the powerhouse in regulatory support and advice globally. Ask us how we can help you through API, regulatory systems and consulting.

Updated daily, with over 3 million pure substances, and 8,500+ chemical families, Galleria Chemica is the place for chemical compliance.

SDS Authoring

Want to author SDS yourself? You can do this via our online SDS authoring service, GoSDS.

Need an inhouse authoring package? AuthorITe is your fully customisable SDS authoring platform.

Chemwatch authors 1000s of SDS for clients around the world in 47+ languages in over 90 different country formats.

Chemwatch has two SDS authoring solutions: GoSDS, which allows you to author your own SDS in 7 simple steps—and AuthorITE, a fully customisable SDS authoring package.

SDS Distribution

Chemwatch has a variety of SDS distribution systems, allowing you to distribute SDS to the general public, clients or both. This allows you to save time and money distributing these effortlessly to the intended audience.

Our customisable distribution system allows you to effortlessly allocate SDS to the intended audience.