Advanced Chemicals Management Toolkit

Expert tools built by Experts for Experts


  • Chemical (sub)structure search tools
  • 3-D Molecular Modelling
  • Expert Toxicological Reports
  • Extensive Environmental Reports
  • Personal Protection Documentation
  • Chemical Transport Information
  • Custom Form Designer Tools
  • …much more….

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47 Languages supported. We have the entire World covered

Local support in all Regions. Regulatory solutions for 80+ Countries.


Chemeritus offers a set of expert tools

In under 2 minutes you may:

  • Produce Compliant Mixture Classificatiosn for 80+ Countries
  • Produce Labels in 47 Languages
  • Generate and Review Expert Tox, Ecotox and PPE Reports
  • Risk-Assess the newly create mixture
  • …much, much more…

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Chemeritus is compatible with our Mobile Solution: SmartSUITE

Access your Chemical Inventory, (M)SDS , Hazard and Risk assessments from any Android or Apple device. Geo-tagging included!

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Chemeritus Solutions

Chemeritus Features

Visualise and explore over 360,000 molecular structures. Over 360,000 Pure Substance molecular structures are avialble in Chemwatch. Use Chemeritus application to visualise and explore these. No Browser plugins required.
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