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Chemical Regulatory Database

World’s most comprehensive library of chemicals

Bigger and Better

Data drawn from Galleria used to populate the (M)SDS includes:
  • All ECHA dossier Data
  • All notifications to the Classification and Labelling (C&L) inventory
  • Transport Codes (UN, IATA, IMDG, RID/ ADR/ DOT, ADG7 etc.)
  • Occupational Exposure Limits (from over 50 Countries and States)
  • Poisonous and Hazardous Substance Classifications (EU Annex 1 DSD, Annex 6 REACH, Japan, Korea, China, Australia(HSIS), New Zealand(CCID), C&L etc.)
  • Animal Toxicity endpoints (LD50s, LC50s, LOELs, NOELs, DNELs etc)
  • Environmental Toxicity endpoints (Aquatic Toxicity – fish, daphnia, algae, bacteria, PECSs PNECs, NOECs, BCFs, etc)
  • Environmental Fate data (air, land, water)
  • Physical Constants used to compute fate and ecotoxicity (log Kow, log Koc, Henry’s Law Constants)
  • Emergency and Biological Exposure Limits
  • 2D molecular images and 3D molfiles
  • Identification information (Synonyms, CAS, EINECS, Custom codes, EU Index Number, PMN, CI, FEMA, INS, TSCA, PMN) Henry’s Law Constants)

Data for more than 1,000,000 Substances…

…organised in 7,000+ chemical families have been identified within  6,000+ Lists from 85+ countries.

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A Wealth of knowledge

Galleria data feeds all Chemwatch Documents, including
  • All (M)SDS Produced by Chemwatch
  • All (M)SDS Produced by YOU using AuthorITe
  • All Labels generated in Chemwatch
  • Regulatory Filters, Lists of Concern
  • Official Classifications for Substances
  • Transport Information
  • Millions of Synonyms
  • Chemical Structures
  • Tox & Irritation data

Yes! Galleria integrates with ERP and other 3rd Party Systems!

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Galleria Chemica Features

Visualise and explore over 360,000 molecular structures. Over 360,000 Pure Substance molecular structures are avialble in Chemwatch. Use Chemeritus application to visualise and explore these. No Browser plugins required.
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