We thrive on providing great Service.

Growing with and serving more than 5,000 Organisations over 20 years.

(M)SDS Acquisition and Maintenance

When it comes to (M)SDS management the two biggest challenges are to acquire the (M)SDS and to keep it up to date. Simply provide us with a list of (M)SDS in which you have an interest and we do the rest! Our project teams search the web or make direct contact with the Vendor. All SDS have a life-cycle – we ensure that you receive (M)SDS updates as they become available.

Alerts and Reports

Effective chemicals management policy requires almost real time alerts to changes made in MSDS content, classification, Regulation and Standards related to each substance on the MSDS.• Vendors may not provide timely alerts related to either. The Chemwatch Alerts Service provides nominated company representative(s) with a periodical email report on relevant changes. Chemwatch Alerts service also features a detailed comparison report that highlights the differences between the “old” and “new” document side by side. Contact us to find out more!

Emergency Response

Chemwatch maintains a team of Emergency Response Experts, available 24/7 in 150 Languages, GLOBALLY. This service is operated by an experienced team of  Toxicologists, Environmental scientists and Medical Doctors with 24/7 access to the worlds largest library of Chemical information. One number is (generally) available worldwide, subject to carrier restrictions.

Expert (M)SDS Authoring

Chemwatch’s team of chemists, occupational hygienists and safety specialists author more than 4000 SDS monthly on behalf of its clients.
Each SDS is compliant with local or regional requirements and undergoes extensive peer review prior to release. With any change in Regulation or Classification, the SDS undergoes an automatic update.
SDS are supported under a Professional Indemnity Policy. In probability we produce more (M)SDS than any other organisation, making prices are extremely competitive.

Project Management

Whether you are implementing a new system, migrating the old one or delivering a one-of projects, our experienced project management team can assist you in delivering results on time and within budget. We have completed global integration projects, SaaS roll-outs to 1,000+ Sites world-wide, and migrated 30-40 thousand (M)SDS at a time. Careful planning and close communication is where we start the process.

Software Development

Chemwatch, at the core, is a Company of Scientists who strive to deliver powerful and innovative software solutions to the ever-changing market. Whether it is an ERP-based customisation, a “Black Box”, SaaS application, iOS or an Android solution for your business process, Chemwatch has the capacity to develop, test and roll out any software solution at a very competitive rate. Our very own team exceeds 40 Software Developers led by 3 experienced Managers, and supported by an army of Scientists and Business Analysts- ready for the next challenge.


Each Chemwatch cloud application is supported by online support. Direct phone support (Helpdesk), Chat-line, and video interactive support is available for all Subscribers.
IT Support is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Chemwatch Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers every detail when it comes to support, escalation process, availability, etc.
With a world-wide network of employees, located in 20 Countries, Chemwatch prides itself in quick and in-depth support to all Clients.

Training and Certification

As a registered training organisation under the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, Chemwatch is well-equipped with skills, experience and learning resources to provide your staff with the knowledge to handle chemicals safely. In addition to the Software training, Chemwatch also offers the Follow Basic Chemical Safety Rules Course (AHCCHM101A), officially accredited to provide you with knowledge and understanding of chemical labeling, transportation, handling, storage, and personal protective equipment requirements.

ERP Integration

Integration is often seen as a complex and costly process. We believe this is partly due to the hyper-inflated consultant prices and lack of Project Management excellence. Once we have established the technical grounds for successful integration between Chemwatch and 3rd Party ERP system, our process flows into careful project scoping, analysis and ultimately, collaboration. Typically a simple document integration project is largely delivered out-of-the-box and our consultants and developers are available slightly under the industry rates.

Data for more than 700,000 Substances organised in 7,000 chemical families, for 80 countries, appearing on 4,000 + Regulatory Lists is available for Integration.


As a part of our service we will:

  • Alert you when (M)SDS is Updated

  • Alert you when substances of interest change status

  • Send you side-by-side (M)SDS comparisons (old vs new)

  • Assist you with Regulatory enquries

  • Provide expert review prior to purchasing a chemical

  • Contact your Vendors to obtain latest (M)SDS

  • Research new and latest trends in Chemical safety

  • Innovate like no other provider

  • Keep you informed about any updates/changes

  • Support you in training and learning

  • Handle your enquries in a timely manner

  • Learn from you

  • Take your suggestions on board

  • Collaborate with you where appropriate

  • Fix issues swiftly

  • Never ignore your thoughts, comments or complaints