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Access to more than 20 Million Vendor (M)SDS and all the tools to manage them!

Search, organise and track your Safety Data Sheets, kept up-to-date by Chemwatch, drawing from the world’s largest (M)SDS library

 The complete Vendor (M)SDS Management Solution

What Is Backpack?

Simple and easy to use Cloud-based application that allows you to:

  • Access more than 20 Million+ (M)SDS
  • File (M)SDS of interest into (unlimited) Folders
  • Search, track and organise (M)SDS of interest
  • Enjoy the After Sales Service we offer to 5,000 Clients

Chemwatch acquires and maintains (M)SDS of interest to you!

Easy to use tools supported by exceptional service

As a part of our Service we:
  • Acquire (M)SDS of interest to you
  • Keep these up-to-date
  • Alert you to WHAT has changed and WHEN
  • Keep a log of every interaction with your Suppliers for a full Audit-trail
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More than 5,000 Organisations rely on Chemwatch solutions.


BackPack Solutions

Chemwatch recognises the fact that most, if not all, activity relating to chemicals does not happen in an office. (M)SDS, Inventory Management and Tracking, Hazard and Risk Assessments (and much more) is available on Smartphone and Tablet devices running Apple iOS and Android operating systems. The ability to assess the hazards and risks associated with a chemical on location, and not having to wait for "administration time" in the office, has proven to be enormously useful to workers, health and safety personnel, emergency responders as well as anyone who comes into contact, or has the potential to come into contact with chemicals. Geo-tagging allows you to identify all chemicals found at a particular location, automatically.  Activities performed in the system (addition of new chemicals to a location, for example), automatically sync with the Cloud and is immediately reflected in your system, whether you access it from your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop or even an ERP system.
Our services, products and solutions are a manifestation of combined efforts, knowledge and research undertaken by  professional staff of almost 300 include Chemists, Toxicologists, Hygienists,  Regulatory experts and physicians. Each contribute their expertise to each module, calculation and report produced by our systems. Our focus is on the knowing the Hazards, and evaluating the Risks. Chemwatch is not simply an IT company. Rapidly evolving technological solutions are enormously valuable in delivering fast, accurate and stable software.
Chemwatch ensures that Purple Book requirements (several revisions) are supported in its entirety. (M)SDS formats, including building block requirements for each region/country are also supported. Substance and mixture Classification Rules generate content automatically with "on-board engine". Country and region differences, for any substance, are reflected in all reports.
The library of 20+ million Vendor (M)SDS is a result of a 20 year-long journey of constant and never-ending improvement and customer focus. Essentially, we take over all activities related to (M)SDS Management. We source and maintain (M)SDS of interest to your organisation, extract key data from each document and make this data available for use by you, in our various modules. Each update of an (M)SDS is the subject of an email alert. Old and new (M)SDS are compared, electronically, side-by-side, with differences highlighted in red - this unique service  is offered only by Chemwatch.
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BackPack Features

Truly multi-lingual User Interface 47 Languages; set per user.
Search over 200,000 Substances in over 30 languages. Thanks to Galleria Chemica, official chemical names from hundreds of regulatory/official lists have been indexed and made available in the Chemwatch search engine. Simply choose your search language and type away…System will suggest results as you type...
Manage folders like you already do! Folder management is quick and easy – supporting drag&drop and right-click context menu. There are no limits to the number of folders you can create to represent your inventory structure.
Know what changed, when it changed, and WHERE it affects you! Users are alerted via email when a Vendor (M)SDS is updated.
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